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I was wondering where all people are looking for job openings. I'm looking at JOE, EconJobMarket and HigherEd Jobs. Am I missing any other important source? I'm applying globally, so any leads on non-US sources would also be helpful.


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If you are looking for non-academic jobs, read about jobs in tech (forthcoming, Journal of Economic Perspectives): https://stanford.io/2If7ZVy and NABE holds an annual career fair before the job market in the fall with lots of big tech employers:  https://nabe.com/NABE/Events/TEC18/TEC18_Main_Page.aspx
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Thanks for your response. And I had just read the NBER version of your tech jobs paper today!
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The ones you mentioned are the big ones. Here are few other you should at least occasionally check:


Good luck!
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A message we received from Eliana La Ferrara:

I am writing in my capacity of President of the European Economic Association to inform you about a new initiative of the EEA: the first European Job Market for economists. It will take place on December 6-7, 2018 in Naples, Italy, immediately after the Econometric Society Winter Meetings.

We have already received a very strong response from recruiters from all over Europe, including the very top economics department. You can find a list of places that have registered, as well as information for recruiters and candidates, at  https://www.eeassoc.org/
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Check out jobs.ac.uk for academic jobs in the UK. The Royal Economic Society also hosts a (smaller) conference similar to the ASSA meetings in that it brings together economics PhDs and recruiters. (It's called the RES PhD Meetings and will be held in London a week or two after the EEA meeting in Naples.) I was interviewed by several UK and European universities there for the 2015--2016 job market.

A lot of UK universities also advertise from March to August (i.e., after the normal job market cycle has ended). So be sure to keep looking and applying to these jobs if you need to. When I was on the market, I had zero offers by April and thought that meant I failed the market and would have to redo it all again the next year. But I kept applying to precisely these late-advertised jobs. Eventually---i.e., in August; no one said the job market was easy!---I got one in a research intensive university with colleagues I really like and in a city I adore.

If you are interested in an academic job in a non-U.S. location, ask your supervisor to mention it in his letter of recommendation.