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Everything associated with  the sphere of God's world is doomed, but human to certain extent has his liberty.  Capitalist economy should have been doomed in the 20th century had not been Keynes's idea of "Demand Management," which later developed into two vital macroeconomic policy - monetary policy and fiscal policy. Capitalist economy nowadays is doomed again but it can hardly be saved by traditional Keynes's arguments and instruments for economies are no longer as independent entities as they were during the last century. Nevertheless, the  idea of "Demand Management" has alternatively a theory, meaning some  novel capitalist policy beyond monetary policy and fiscal policy. This leads to the idea of "Demand Management" in the 21th century, and that capitalist economy  can get away from its doomed failure this century rests on whether or not it could practically develop such a policy instrument, like  monetary policy and fiscal policy developed last century.

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