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[Announcement] Census Survey Explorer Shows You the Surveys You Need by Topic, Geography, Frequency

Search tools are great but they usually send you to a long list of web pages and options you have to crawl through to find what you need. And that can be challenging, especially on a large-scale site like census.gov.

The U.S. Census Bureau produces more than 120 surveys. How can you find one on housing? Retail Sales? Family size? What’s the most recent data? Are the data only available at the national level or more local ones like counties?

A basic search tool will not give you a quick answer but the new Census Survey Explorer (CSE) will. CSE is an innovative tool designed to cut research time and frustration by listing surveys by geography, frequency, topic and subtopic.

Our data education experts weighed in to help determine the information that data users need to know:

Topics available in each specific survey (topics and subtopics).  
Areas for which data are available (geographies).
When data first became available (how far back you can go).
How often the data are released (frequency).
Census Survey Explorer Does Legwork for You: [Y]ou simply select one or more filters/options and the CSE tool generates a comprehensive list of surveys that match your needs. You can set your criteria and choose from 150-plus subtopics (race, commuting, income, etc.), five main data categories (economic, demographic, social, government, housing), several geographies such as state, county and ZIP codes, and the frequency of publication (annual, monthly, and so on).
CSE announcement: https://www.census.gov/library/stories/2022/04/exploring-census-data-made-easy.html
CSE: https://www.census.gov/data/data-tools/survey-explorer/

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