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Apr 7 -- The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), Department of Commerce is announcing its recruitment of candidates to serve on one of its six Technical Advisory Committees (“TACs” or “Committees”). TAC members advise the Department of Commerce on the technical parameters for export controls applicable to dual-use items (commodities, software, and technology) and on the administration of those controls. The TACs are composed of representatives from industry, academia, and the U.S. Government and reflect diverse points of view on the concerns of the exporting community. Nominations should be submitted by June 6, 2022.

Six TACs are responsible for advising the Department of Commerce on the technical parameters for export controls and the administration of those controls within specified areas:

Information Systems TAC: Control List Categories 3 (electronics), 4 (computers), and 5 (telecommunications and information security)
Materials and Equipment TAC: Control List Categories 1 (materials, chemicals, microorganisms, and toxins) and 2 (materials processing)
Sensors and Instrumentation TAC: Control List Category 6 (sensors and lasers)
Transportation and Related Equipment TAC: Control List Categories 7 (navigation and avionics), 8 (marine), and 9 (propulsion systems, space vehicles, and related equipment)
Emerging Technology TAC (identification of emerging and foundational technologies that may be developed over a period of five to ten years with potential dual-use applications)
Regulations and Procedures TAC, focuses on the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and procedures for implementing the EAR

TAC members are appointed by the Secretary of Commerce and serve terms of not more than four consecutive years. TAC members must obtain secret-level clearances prior to their appointment. These clearances are necessary so that members may be permitted access to classified information that may be needed to formulate recommendations to the Department of Commerce.
BIS TAC webpage: https://tac.bis.doc.gov/
FRN: https://www.federalregister.gov/d/2022-07359

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