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March 3 -- OMB Blog: Meeting Urgent Needs https://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/briefing-room/2022/03/03/meeting-urgent-needs/
We are urging Congress to include supplemental resources for the COVID-19 response. Resources from the prior COVID response bills enabled us to get over 215 million Americans fully vaccinated, make 1 billion tests available to Americans for free, order 20 million antiviral treatment pills so that they will be available to people who need them, and commit to donating 1.2 billion vaccines to the world. They also let us respond forcefully to the Delta and Omicron surges – but now, nearly all of these funds have been used. Without additional resources, we won’t be able to secure the treatments, vaccines, and tests Americans need in coming months and fight future variants. And critical COVID response efforts – such as free community testing sites and testing, treatment, and vaccination coverage for uninsured individuals – will end this spring. We are therefore urging Congress to promptly provide $22.5 billion to cover immediate needs for tests, treatments and vaccines, investments in research and development of next-generation vaccines, and responding globally, including getting more shots in arms around the world.

March 2 -- Today, the U.S. government is releasing the National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan – which will enable America to move forward safely, sustaining and building on the progress we’ve made over the past 13 months. This plan lays out the roadmap to help us fight COVID-19 in the future as we begin to get back to our more normal routines. We look to a future when Americans no longer fear lockdowns, shutdowns, and our kids not going to school. It’s a future when the country relies on the powerful layers of protection we have built and invests in the next generation of tools to stay ahead of this virus.

The President’s National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan focuses on four key goals:

Protect Against and Treat Covid-19
Prepare for New Variants
Prevent Economic and Educational Shutdowns
Continue to Vaccinate the World
National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/National-COVID-19-Preparedness-Plan.pdf
Press release/Overview https://www.whitehouse.gov/covidplan/  
Press Briefing by White House and HHS Public Health Officials https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/press-briefings/2022/03/02/press-briefing-by-white-house-and-hhs-public-health-officials-march-2-2022/
WSJ, Biden Unveils New Covid-19 Strategy for Next Phase of Response: The administration will need to secure enough funding to fulfill an array of plans (3/2) https://www.wsj.com/articles/biden-unveils-new-covid-19-strategy-for-next-phase-of-response-11646237143?st=4z95k4wd4wiljhh&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink

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