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The Herriot Award Committee invites nominations for the 2022 Roger Herriot Award for Innovation in Federal Statistics. The award is intended to reflect the characteristics that marked Roger Herriot's career including:

-- Dedication to the issues of measurement;

-- Improvements in the efficiency of data collection programs; and

-- Improvements and use of statistical data for policy analysis.

The award is not limited to senior members of an organization, nor is it to be considered as a culmination of a long period of service. Individuals or teams at all levels within Federal statistical agencies, other government organizations, nonprofit organizations, the private sector, and the academic community may be nominated on the basis of their contributions.

Nominations for the 2022 award will be accepted until April 1, 2022. Nomination packages should contain:

-- A nomination letter that includes references to specific examples of the nominee's contributions to innovation in Federal statistics. These contributions can be to methodology, procedure, organization, administration, or other areas of Federal statistics, and need not have been made by or while a Federal employee.

-- Up to three supporting letters that further demonstrate the nominee's contributions.

-- A CV for the nominee with current contact information. For team nominations, the CVs of all team members should be included.

Nomination packages that were not selected for the previous award (in 2021) may be considered again by request from the nominator.

Please see this website for more information on the award and where to send the nomination package: washstat.org/awards/herriot.html

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