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Shape the PMA Learning Agenda -- Share your thoughts on Government-wide management questions in support of the priorities of the President’s Management Agenda. https://www.performance.gov/pma/learning-agenda
The Biden-Harris Management Agenda Vision sets out key priorities for an equitable, effective, and accountable Government that delivers results for all Americans. A management-focused learning agenda in support of the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) will identify key Government-wide questions to answer in support of the PMA Vision.  
Why a learning agenda? Learning Agendas focus leaders’ attention on building the research and evidence needed to solve big problems. This first PMA Learning Agenda will encourage collaboration and research to close evidence gaps within, beyond, and in partnership with the Federal Government.

Build the learning agenda: Whether you are a researcher or a public servant, you can help refine and answer these questions. You can join a learning community where the research done in response to these questions is shared with and can be used by decision makers in Government.

Read the Draft PMA Learning Agenda to learn how the agenda is developing, more context from relevant recent Executive Orders, and details on questions being explored. Your input on the draft questions is welcome. Share your ideas for the PMA Learning Agenda by January 31, 2022.

Draft PMA Learning Agenda Questions:
1) How can the Federal Government strengthen and empower its workforce, so it can best serve the American people?
What approaches to recruitment and hiring result in high-performing, diverse teams in Federal agencies?
What strategies improve retention, engagement, inclusion, and wellbeing among Federal employees, while reducing burnout and attrition?
What approaches build a strong, empowered, and diverse cohort across the Federal Government employee lifecycle?

2) How can the Federal Government deliver programs and services effectively and build trust?
How can Federal agencies reduce administrative burdens in programs and services—including complicated, confusing, and time-consuming processes people may encounter when trying to access those programs and services?
What approaches deliver an excellent customer experience with the Federal Government?
How can the Federal Government enhance the public’s trust?
3) How can the Federal Government advance equity and support underserved communities?
How can equity be advanced in the design, delivery, and evaluation of Federal services?
What organizational tools and management structures advance equity?
What larger organizational changes in agencies are needed to identify and address underlying barriers to advancing equity?

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