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Dec 16 -- The Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration (ITA), seeks nominations for immediate consideration to fill positions on the Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness (“the Committee”). The Committee advises the Secretary on the necessary elements of a comprehensive policy approach to supply chain competitiveness. The Department intends for the Committee to play a key role in formulating recommendations to address current global supply chain challenges, including identifying key bottlenecks in supply chains and actionable solutions to address them, advising on the latest advances in supply chain management technology and how to apply them to the current challenges in the economy, and developing long term recommendations to make supply chains more resilient.

ITA will accept nominations on a rolling basis for membership on the Committee for the two-year charter term that began on November 10, 2021, and will expire on November 9, 2023. Immediate consideration will be given to applications received by December 29, 2021.  
The Committee advises the Secretary on the necessary elements of a comprehensive policy approach to supply chain competitiveness designed to support national economic competitiveness and U.S. export growth, encourage innovation, facilitate the movement of goods, and improve the competitiveness of U.S. supply chains for goods and services in the domestic and global economy; and on regulatory policies and programs and investment priorities that affect the competitiveness of U.S. supply chains. The Committee provides detailed policy and technical advice, information, and recommendations to the Secretary regarding:
(1) National, state, or local factors in trade programs and policies that affect the efficient domestic and international operation and competitiveness of U.S. global supply chains from point of origin to destination;
(2) elements of national policies affecting the movement of goods, infrastructure, investment, and regulatory factors that affect supply chain competitiveness and sustainability; and
(3) information and data systems to generate metrics that can be used to quantify and improve supply chain performance.

Members will be selected based on their demonstrated professional or personal qualifications and experience relevant to the functions and tasks of the Committee. Members shall be selected in a manner that ensures that the Committee remains balanced with respect to the diversity of the supply chain sector, including with regard to geographic location and company size. The diverse membership of the Committee assures perspectives and expertise reflecting the full breadth of the Committee's responsibilities and, where possible, the Department of Commerce will also consider the ethnic, racial, and gender diversity of the United States.

Members of the Committee shall represent companies, organizations, and stakeholders involved in the U.S. supply chain, with at least one individual representing each of the following: Supply chain firms or their associations; users of supply chains ( e.g., retailers, distributors, manufacturers, or other sectors); freight transportation providers; ports; labor unions; and academia.

Other than the experts from academia, all members shall serve in a representative capacity, expressing the views and interests of a U.S. company or U.S. organization with which they are affiliated ( e.g. as an employee or director), as well as its particular sector. Members serving in such a representative capacity are not Special Government Employees.
The members from academia serve as experts and therefore are Special Government Employees (SGEs) and shall be subject to the ethical standards applicable to SGEs. Members who serve as SGEs must certify that they are not Federally registered lobbyists.
ACSCC website: https://www.trade.gov/advisory-committee-supply-chain-competitiveness
FR notice inviting nominations: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2021/12/16/2021-27197/advisory-committee-on-supply-chain-competitiveness-solicitation-of-nominations-for-membership

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