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Dec 10 -- At today's FESAC meeting, the Census Bureau made a presentation on the Annual Integrated Economic Survey (AIES), a new program that will replace many annual benchmark surveys, including the Annual Survey of Manufactures, the Annual Survey of Retail Trade, the Annual Survey  of Wholesale Trade, the Services Annual Survey, the Annual Capital Expenditures Survey, and the Manufacturers’ Unfilled Orders Survey, while creating an integrated, respondent-centric platform. The Census Bureau seeks feedback on the AIES, specifically the impact of changes to programs at BLS and BEA as well as to other stakeholders, including federal and other government users, researchers, and businesses.  
Census presentation on AIES: https://apps.bea.gov/fesac/meetings/2021-12-10/AIES-Program-Overview-Dec2021-FESAC.pdf
Comment presentations from
BEA: https://apps.bea.gov/fesac/meetings/2021-12-10/MORGAN-FESAC-12-10-2021.pdf
BLS: https://apps.bea.gov/fesac/meetings/2021-12-10/Brill.pdf
Federal Reserve: https://apps.bea.gov/fesac/meetings/2021-12-10/Bayard.pdf
The Census Bureau's effort was informed by the National Academies' 2018 report "Reengineering the Census Bureau's Annual Economic Surveys" https://www.nap.edu/catalog/25098/reengineering-the-census-bureaus-annual-economic-surveys   
Questions and comments may be sent to:
James.N.Burton@census.gov  AIES Program Coordinator  
Blynda.K.Metcalf@census.gov  AIES Sampling Team Lead
Katherine.J.Thompson@census.gov  AIES Product Owner  
Jenna.Morse@census.gov  AIES Project Manager

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