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July 27 -- The Director of the Census Bureau (Director) invites nominations to the Census Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC) by September 30, 2021.
The CSAC advises the Director of the Census Bureau (Director) on the full range of Census Bureau programs and activities including communications, decennial, demographic, economic, field operations, geographic, information technology, and statistics. The CSAC addresses census policies, research and methodology, tests, operations, communications/messaging, and other activities to ascertain needs and best practices to improve censuses, surveys, operations, and programs. The CSAC provides formal review and feedback on internal and external working papers, reports, and other documents related to the design and implementation of census programs and surveys.
The CSAC provides scientific and technical expertise from the following disciplines: demographics, economics, geography, psychology, statistics, survey methodology, social and behavioral sciences, information technology and computing, marketing and other fields of expertise, as appropriate, to address Census Bureau program needs and objectives.
The CSAC consists of up to 21 members who serve at the discretion of the Director. The Census Bureau is seeking six qualified candidates to be considered for appointment.
FRN inviting CSAC nominations: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2021/07/27/2021-15901/request-for-nominations-of-members-to-serve-on-the-census-scientific-advisory-committee

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