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Draft FY 2022 -2026 Strategic Plan Goal Structure
Proposed DOL high-level goals:

Goal 1:  Build Opportunity and Equity for All
Goal 2:  Ensure Safe Jobs, Essential Protections, and Fair Workplaces
Goal 3:  Improve Administration of and Strengthen Worker Safety Net Programs
Goal 4:  Statistical Goal – Produce Gold-Standard Statistics and Analyses
Management Goal:  A Department Grounded in Evidence, Innovation, and Employee Engagement
Draft FY2022-2026 Evidence-Building Plan

As a companion to the Strategic Plan, the DOL Evidence-Building Plan describes learning priorities and associated research questions that the department will explore to build new knowledge about important labor-related topics. Evidence-building activities include program evaluation, performance measurement, statistics, and policy analysis.  As the Department continues to refine future learning areas, input from the public is welcome, particularly around critical data and evidence gaps in our priority areas.

Priority Learning Area 1: Equity in Employment and Training Programs
Priority Learning Area 2: Barriers to Women’s Employment
Priority Learning Area 3: Studying Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Priority Learning Area 4: Improving Enforcement Activities & Protections for All
Priority Learning Area 5: Strengthening Unemployment to Reemployment
DOL invitation for public comment, access to supporting documents: https://www.dol.gov/agencies/oasam/centers-offices/performance-management-center/reports/FY2022-2026-strategic-plan

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