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Jan 14 -- The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) tells OMB that because of the recent second stimulus payment made by the Federal Government in response to the coronavirus pandemic, BLS requests to add seven questions to the Consumer Expenditure Quarterly (CEQ) survey.  These questions will be administered beginning in February and continuing through September.  The questions are exactly the same as the previous round of stimulus payment questions included in the CEQ survey from June to November 2020.  
These questions are necessary to measure the effect of the stimulus payments sent directly to many households in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  Addition of the questions described below are needed to facilitate a timely and effective collection of expenditure data resulting from the stimulus.  Economic data are used to evaluate the intended effect of the stimulus and to adequately explain changes in expenditure patterns that result from the coronavirus pandemic.

Together, the questions will capture: 1) the receipt of the stimulus payments, 2) by which members of the Consumer Unit (CU), 3) the month the CU received the stimulus, 4) the amount of the stimulus, 5) how the CU received the stimulus (check, direct deposit or debit card), 6) the primary use of the stimulus and 7) whether any additional stimulus checks were received by the CU.
Request to OMB to add questions: https://www.reginfo.gov/public/do/DownloadDocument?objectID=107586300
CE stimulus payment questions: https://www.reginfo.gov/public/do/DownloadDocument?objectID=107586400

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