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I would like to publish a working paper and am not sure whether to use MPRA or SSRN. There is an informal discussion on that at Economics Job Market Rumors (https://www.econjobrumors.com/topic/ssrn-and-mpra). However, I am looking for a more informative comparison regarding pros and cons of either of the two websites. This is not my first working paper, but unlike before I do not have access to an institution's or association's working papers series this time.

What I have on my list so far:

- Pro: papers are automatically listed in RePEc, which is linked to the MyIDEAS weekly digest, the NEP newsletters, the accessibility through various search engines etc.
- Pro: like other RePEc services, MPRA is non-commerical
- Con: papers cannot be removed anymore (do you know if any journal rejects MPRA papers for license reasons?)

- Pro: papers can be removed
- Con: papers are not listed in RePEc (is this correct?)
- Con: commercial service

Feel free to add any comment that comes to mind. Other issues are e.g. the size of the audience and the reputation of the websites.

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