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"Freedom" has been the main word heard about the opposition to a quarantine in the US. In my opinion the US must to set a quarantine the first day in which infected cases reached 20 thousand people. Economically, I would set a shutdown and payments would be paused until quarantine was over. Basic jobs would be running because during a quarantine there are basic needs which have to be satisfied. Those companies would make a profit as supermarkets, hospitals, or internet related firms. Everyone who wasn't working would had received a payment to maintain their livings and maintain those business working without problem. Imports should be absorb by profit-making companies because the other have no business during the shutdown. Those governmwnt expenditures could reach 1.2 Trillion dollar concerning three months of confining. Maybe 1.5 Trillion dollar with medical supplies. Those companies or banks with liabilities abroad would had received a loan from the central bank until the situation came to normal and they start receiving real-state and consume loans repayments again. I'm not even talking about increase the monetary base creating money to give the people their paychecks, which could be done amid of a pandemic. But 1.5 Trillion debt is not a huge burden for the American government. I live in Spain right now and all has come to normal. There are a few outbreaks but cases are below 200 every day, so the economy is running. (Without setting demand enough to reach supply, which is implemented in our country). People is dying and doctors and nurses are scared, the people is scared. That level of incompetence has reach a new level removing the unemployment benefit, which on one hand is going to leave people without food, energy or clothing, when they are not guilty of losing their jobs, living in a situation with 60 thousand infected cases everyday, in which difficulty they can manage to get a job. And on the other hand, what is less important but is going to increase even more the monetary base if we don't go **** first. They are sending signs, which will make people save more the next time, a reality that will make more expensive to make demand and supply equal in the future.  I just see the FED trying to mend a beaten toy that is our economy with necessary methods but far away from orthodoxy. Any thoughts? Ryan McConnell.
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I was shoked about leaving people without unemployment benefit but I have seen that they will receive their basic amount without the 600 $ bonus. The congress is managing to maintain paychecks and other financial aid to householders. Here in Spain news about the US are a bit blurred. They said that the Ebola vaccine was Belgian for example. So I'm happy because the uemployment insurance keep working, I have watched on American news that a 20% of householders are at risk and they can lose their homes though. I think that we should think first of people's welfare during the pandemic than economic efficiency.

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