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I am a PhD student in the evaluation program. My dissertation topic is about demand for evaluation as a service. I am trying build the demand function for evaluation and analyze the factors that influence that demand. I am facing challenges trying to find the right measure that represent the variables of the demand function (quantity demanded and price) in the evaluation market. I need help and guidance from an economist with knowledge of economic theory who works in evaluation and understand the dynamics of evaluation contracts. This combination is hard to find.
If you believe you are the right person considering your background and expertise also eager to provide some guidance and have the time, I would be so very grateful if you can contact me on my email address:

Many thanks

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Sorry, could you provide a little more context? What is "evaluation as a service." To me an evaluation is any assessment or empirical study of [government] policy. Are you trying to model the government's demand for evaluations? (I think geopolitical variables would be important.)