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Hello all, I recently re-visited Sandmo's excellent History of Economic Thought from my undergraduate days. I am a recent graduate of a combined honours programme in the UK (I don't have advanced micro, macro and no econometric training). In the final chapter he notes the Journal of Economic Perspectives and Journal of Economic Literature as journals written with non-specialist audiences in mind to keep up to date with the evolving literature. I've had a quick browse of both on this website and I've noticed they're both quite America-centric. I wonder if any of you have experience of European journals which fulfil equivalent functions? Given the plethora of journals out there I'd like to avoid finding and looking up journals one by one. Many thanks.

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I don’t know of exact equivalent but there are some  general interest econ journals. For example, Journal of the European Economic Association (JEEA) is an example of European general interest economic journal.

Although, I would say it is little bit less non-specialist audience friendly than JEP or JEL.
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I don't know whether you are still interested, but but Sweden has a rough equivalent to the JEP in Ekonomisk debatt.