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NSF's National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics has published data tables from its Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering for Fall 2018.  Available at https://ncsesdata.nsf.gov/gradpostdoc/2018/index.html

In several tables (4-1 through 4-5), data are provided by detailed field. For economics, findings include:

Table 4-2           
           All graduate students                                        Master's                                                    Doctoral   
Total number    Percent female                Total number    Percent female                Total number        Percent female
13,344                           37.7                                   5,427                      43.6                                7,917                       33.6

Table 4.4c -- Percent distribution of economics doctoral students by citizenship
Temporary visa holders                     Citizens and permanent residents
           65.6                                                                        34.4

Breakdown of percent citizen/perm resident by race, ethnicity
White     Asian         Hispanic/Latino    Unknown      Black/African American     >One race     AIAN      Native Hawaiian/PI
23.2             4.4             2.4                             2.1                          1.3                                     0.9                0.1                   0.0

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