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From the staff of the AEA Committee on Economic Statistics:
The U.S. Census Bureau plans to conduct the Management and Organizational Practices Survey-Hospitals (MOPS-HP) for survey year 2019 as a joint project with Harvard Business School. The MOPS-HP will utilize a subset of the Service Annual Survey mail-out sample and will collect data on management practices from Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs) at general medical and surgical hospitals to assist in identifying determinants of clinical and financial performance.

Currently, no official statistics on management practices in hospitals exist. Past research shows these practices are related to health care providers' clinical and financial outcomes. This suggests that providing measures on management practices may potentially help the U.S. health care system, which is challenged by rising health care costs, increased demand from an aging society, and quality objectives. These data would permit users, such as Harvard Business School, to examine relationships between management practices and financial outcomes using Census Bureau data (e.g., revenues) and relationships with clinical outcomes using external data sources. Additionally, these data would provide hospital administrators and managers information to evaluate their practices in comparison to other hospitals at an aggregate level.

The MOPS-HP content was proposed by external researchers with past experience in surveying hospitals on management practices. Some questions are adapted from the Management and Organizational Practices Survey (MOPS), conducted in the manufacturing sector, allowing for inter-sectoral comparisons. Content for the MOPS-HP includes performance monitoring, financial and clinical targets, and incentives. The 39 questions are grouped into the following sections: Tenure, Management Practices, Management Training, Management of Team Interactions, Staffing and Allocation of Human Resources, Standardized Clinical Protocols, Documentation of Patients' Medical Records, and Organizational Characteristics.

The MOPS-HP sample will consist of approximately 4,500 hospital locations for enterprises classified under General Medical and Surgical Hospitals (NAICS 6221) and sampled in the Service Annual Survey (SAS).  
The draft MOPS-HP survey instrument is available to AEA members in this folder https://www.dropbox.com/sh/onvot22kbofxh6g/AACdOGwejFll-XVGMQ2Vc92ga?dl=0  The Census Bureau indicates it will provide AEA with the draft supporting statement when it is ready.  
Questions on the proposed survey may be directed to Edward Watkins at edward.e.watkins.iii@census.gov or 301-763-4750.
The AEAStat primer on how to respond to a call for comments on a federal data collection is available at https://www.aeaweb.org/content/file?id=5806

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