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I attempted to email the AEA ombudsman at the email address provided by the AEA and got this bounce-back message:  "The Office 365 group, aeaombuds@whiteandstradley.com, is configured to reject messages sent to it from outside its organization -- unless the sender is a guest group member."  It kind of feels like this defeats the purpose.

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To speak with Leto, please email her at aeaombuds@cjglawfirm.com, or call her paralegal Kathy Garrett at 919-937-9382 and you will be contacted to arrange an appointment.
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Leto Copeley has changed firms, and they are having problems configuring the email address.   It is expected to be fixed soon.  In the meantime, you may contact Leto by phone at (919) 844-0400.  If you prefer email, that option should be available again soon.