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The Medicare Evidence Development & Coverage Advisory Committee (MEDCAC) provides advice and guidance to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (the Secretary) and the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) concerning the adequacy of scientific evidence available to CMS in making coverage determinations under the Medicare program.

The MEDCACs fundamental purpose is to support the principles of an evidence-based determination process for Medicare's coverage policies. MEDCAC panels provide advice to CMS on the strength of the evidence available for specific medical treatments and technologies through a public, participatory, and accountable process. Information on the MEDCAC is available at https://www.cms.gov/Regulations-and-Guidance/Guidance/FACA/MEDCAC.html and https://www.cms.gov/medicare-coverage-database/indexes/medcac-meetings-index.aspx
We are requesting nominations for candidates to serve on the MEDCAC. Nominees are selected based upon their individual qualifications and not solely as representatives of professional associations or societies. We wish to ensure adequate representation of the interests of both women and men, members of all ethnic groups, and physically challenged individuals. Therefore, we encourage nominations of qualified candidates who can represent these interests.  Nominations must be received by Monday, November 18, 2019.

The MEDCAC consists of a pool of 100 appointed members including: 90 at-large standing members (10 of whom are patient advocates), and 10 representatives of industry interests. Members generally are recognized authorities in clinical medicine including subspecialties, administrative medicine, public health, biological and physical sciences, epidemiology and biostatistics, clinical trial design, health care data management and analysis, patient advocacy, health care economics, medical ethics or other relevant professions.  A list of current members is available at https://www.facadatabase.gov/FACA/FACAPublicViewCommitteeDetails?id=a10t0000001gzv4AAA
As of June 2020, there will be 25 membership terms expiring--2 are industry representatives, 5 are patient advocates and the remaining 18 membership openings are for the at-large standing MEDCAC membership. Nominees for membership must have expertise and experience in one or more of the following fields:

Clinical medicine including subspecialties
Administrative medicine
Public health
Biological and physical sciences
Epidemiology and biostatistics
Clinical trial design
Health care data management and analysis
Patient advocacy
Health care economics
Medical ethics
Other relevant professions    
Members serve 2-year terms. A member may continue to serve after the expiration of the member's term until a successor is named. Any interested person may nominate one or more qualified persons. Self-nominations are also accepted. Individuals interested in the representative positions must include a letter of support from the organization or interest group they would represent.

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