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I got in contact with the animalist ideology in Spain. I realized that in contradiction with rationality and not following the stockbreeding laws that rule that industry in the US or UK (the use of stunning before killing), in Europe the stockbreeding industry is savage. News are telling us that we have to eat less meat, what is understandable and easy to do. But, it's worth eating a steak in a country where stockbreeders torture animals?                                                                                 
                                                                                         Cattle gave us food in the ancient times and humans gave them protection against predators and other dangers of wild life. Killing an animal making it unconcious before is not terrible because it doesn't suffer and it avoids aging diseases and suffering. What kind of developed country could allow that level of barbarian behaviour against their own cattle like in Europe?
I would eat just the necessary meat in order to survive.
I don't care about humane slaughter.
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I was affected by the idea that in Europe there were not laws enforcing the stunning method. But I have done a little research and there are laws enforcing it. There are barely followed by the stockbreeders sometimes and it's persecution in Spain is weak. Anyway, I was wrong about it. I'm sorry if this post created confusion or unease. The law was set just in 2007. So there is a lag of 100 years between the US(1901), UK(1988) and the EU(2007) in that matter.