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I'm wondering where I can find a list of upcoming economics conferences. The American Finance Association  has a pretty good listing for finance ones, rightly listing by deadline for submitting papers  (though I wish they'd list the actual conference dates too).  See https://afajof.org/  .  Economic Job Market Rumors has one, but it doesn't list most conferences, I think.  See https://www.econjobrumors.com/conferences.php . The AEA has  a sort of listing but it's moribund. I'm interesting in presenting  papers on bargaining, mechanism design, immigration,  and cheap talk, in particular.

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I guess with the AEA list being moribund you mean that it does not have many entries for the future.
After sorting them by start dates I would confirm that. I only see 6, and I cannot even find the 2020 AEA Annual Meeting or the 2020 AEA Conference on Teaching and Research in Economic Education (CTREE). I am however a bit puzzled as underneath it says it is run in cooperation with EconBiz. When I klick on their link
I get 459 upcoming conferences. A big part of them from Germany and many are more business oriented but there are also 57 from the States and many clearly focus on economics. There are subsections of the ASSA meetings but again no AEA Annual Meeting, no CTREE. Strange. I will contact them and let you know what they answer. In my experience they answer rather quickly.
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Hello, I am Nicole Krueger from the EconBiz team and Jan Höffler was so kind to notify me of this forum debate.
[EconBiz is a service of the ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for economcis. A public academic library in Germany.]
In the EconBiz Event Calendar (https://www.econbiz.de/Events/Results) we aim at collecting scholarly economics and business studies conferences, summer schools, and events worldwide - there is no intended focus on Germany.
We monitor websites of regular conferences - alas we are also quite dependent on suggestions from conference hosts and from the community to have a certain level of completeness. We now added AEA ASSA Annual Meeting and CTREE 2020. Thank you very much for pointing out that they were missing.
We are always very grateful to receive suggestions through our form at: https://www.econbiz.de/eb/en/contact-us/suggest-an-event/ .
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Anne Burton and Barton Willage have compiled a list available at http://bartonwillage.com/ at the "Conference List" link.
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Great! Willage and Burton have conferences in a nice format, in an online spreadsheet that the viewer can sort by submission deadline or any other column, and in plain vanilla, no useless graphics to get in the way. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MNeXLKiwQA4MK3cZ3Hr1WWXZTReh3rKQU_yfTKnu-hg/edit#gid=720648348

The finance conferences aren’t on it. I’ll email them and ask if they’d like suggestions for additions.

Contributions like that deserve reward, so here’s some publicity:

Barton J. Willage  Pass-Through of a Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages at the Philadelphia International Airport. JAMA. 319.3 (2018): 305-306. (with John Cawley and David Frisvold)

Barton J. Willage  The Effect of Weight on Mental Health: New Evidence Using Genetic IVs. Journal of Health Economics. 3 (2018): 113-130.

Anne M. Burton (PhD student, vitae)  https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/9b2e7f_fc641b7b06c24118b4b8461267c020f4.pdf
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Thanks, Todd and Eric.

Yes, you can access the conference list from the google doc url listed above. Some perhaps easier-to-remember links to it are

http://bartonwillage.com/conference (not up yet but will be active soon)

We will work on adding the finance conferences you have suggested.

If you or anybody else has any questions or suggestions for us please feel free to reach out.

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I don't have Anne's email, but  can send to: Barton Willage <bwillage@lsu.edu>
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My email is