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I want to release my main work. It contains the cause of business cycles and the solution in order to prevent them. Today it was released a way in order to increase economic activity by Moritz Kraemer endorsed by Ben Bernanke and my previous idea about strategical defense has gone. So there is my main work.                
                                                                                         Contact me in order to make a professional paper work if someone is interested, I don't have resources right now in order to make it.     
                                                                                            Ryan McConnell
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No worries.
That man and Keynes say that if investment doesn't decline the profit is possible so it's necessary to avoid slumps on investment.
You can buy the book written by Keynes which I mentioned before . It's a cheap one. It's complex I read it 3 times until I got everything.
I'll read Marx when I have less work to do here. I'll check that out.
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But investment doesn't create new money... and you need new money to make profits... investment is moving existing money from one place to another.
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Yes that's what I wrote in my second comment. Investment is a cost. You have to cover it with profits as well. They thought that investment was an inflow of money and the investment multiplier holded well. But that's not real. Anyway John Maynard Keynes had a hidden view of this problem on his book. I think that the other economists didn't understood that hidden information. I recommend you to read it. It's a very good reading. I'll read Marx when I have more free time.
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When I made that model about investment I was thinking of business building and former firms. Really that wasn't very clear on my explanation because I don't want to give too much info. I tried to catch you with investment but you were fast thinking. Haha.
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Exports have to be weighted with profits-costs relationship. An import always concern consume or costs, at least if that consumption is not due to wealth accumulation. Exports have to be weighted because if revenues are higher than costs and profits are over the profit margin set tacticaly by the Federal Reserve target, those exports doesn't give anything of value to the economic performance on the yearly business cycle. X should be weight on my formulae as...
{[(Costs+%profits)÷revenues]×eXports} - wages abroad*
*if they are not calculated previously in the overall economy

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