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My institution's email service has some issues with (1) completely safe emails being flagged as dangerous and placed into quarantine and (2) archived/saved emails disappearing after some time with no explanation (there's no auto-delete, it just loses them without a pattern). I'd really like to use a personal gmail address to ensure I don't miss any important communications. But, I'm worried that it will raise eyebrows, either appearing unprofessional or creating doubt about my institutional affiliation. Is this something search committees care about?
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As someone whose institutional email is also a bit quirky (and cannot be set to automatically forward to another address) , I would not make any negative inference if a job market candidate used a gmail or similar address.  Assuming you appear on your institution's web page, there should be no reason to doubt your affiliation.  Of course, this is just one person's opinion and others may differ (as AR's reply indicates).
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I don't think a gmail address sends a negative signal, but I think a .edu address is a positive signal and a useful mnemonic to help you stick in someone's memory as an applicant from a particular school, and that isn't something that should be given up without some regret, since being memorable brings you a step closer to being discussed and invited...

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If your institutional email helps identify you (e.g. if it is a .edu address from the university at which you are getting your Ph.D. or at which you teach), then I think it is desirable to include it.  You could perhaps also include your gmail address and ask that it be cc'd (or vice versa).

Does your institutional email give you troubles even when you have it forwarded to gmail?
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If you are in job market or looking for academic collaboration, it is paramount to have .edu email ID.