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The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is hereby soliciting representative nominations for the MCC Economic Advisory Council (“the EAC”).

The EAC is seeking members from a range of academic organizations, independent think tanks, and international development agencies to add to its current membership. Members will be chosen to represent a diversity of expertise, background and geographic experience.

Nominations for EAC members must be received on or before 5 p.m. EDT on September 13, 2019. Further information about the nomination process is included below. MCC plans to host the next EAC meeting in late 2019. The EAC will meet at least one time per year in Washington, DC or via video/teleconferencing.

The EAC provides advice to MCC on issues related to growth and development in low and middle income countries including:

1. New perspectives on economic development
2. Innovative approaches to growth analytics
3. Innovations in program and project evaluation
4. Applied microeconomics and cost-benefit analytics
5. Poverty and income dynamics
6. Social development and the economics of gender
7. Other innovations in the field of development economics and evaluation

The EAC focuses on issues related to the analytical products and strategy used as inputs to compact and threshold program development and decision making, on learning from MCC experience about program effectiveness and impact, and to reflect on the broader global development trends and context of MCC's work. The EAC provides advice, recommendations, and guidance from experts in academia and the international development community on the design and implementation of programs in a structured and integrated manner.

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