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Nominations for Accomplishments in Behavioral and Social Sciences Research

The NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research "is developing a list of impactful public health and healthcare accomplishments that were made possible, in full or in part, as a result of behavioral and/or social sciences research.  Submit a public health or healthcare accomplishment (does not have to be limited to only NIH-funded research) and comment and vote on existing submissions. Please also share this effort with your colleagues. Please submit your comments by midnight (Eastern Time) on July 31, 2019."

Submission Guidelines  https://obssr.ideascale.com/a/campaign-home/23383#campaign-brief

Title of Behavioral and Social Sciences Relevant Accomplishment (e.g. Reducing Tobacco Use)

Key words (list 3-6 keywords that will help others search and identify the accomplishment)

Describe the accomplishment and its impact. The accomplishment does not have to be limited to only NIH-funded research. (Examples of impact on health or science could include, but are not limited to, increase in the number of lives saved or life lengthened, reduction in disease progression, improved quality of life, contribution to clinical or public health practice or policy, or improved methodological approaches and technological capabilities).

Describe how behavioral and social sciences research (BSSR) contributed to the interventions or policies that resulted in this accomplishment. Inclusion of specifics about the foundational and applied science contributions is encouraged.

Provide link(s) or attach PDF(s) to one or more seminal peer-reviewed scientific articles that support the behavioral and social sciences contribution to the public health accomplishment.

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