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I am teaching a program evaluation and data analysis course where I would like to have the students replicate a study that uses differences-in-differences. For some other study methods, I was able to find papers from AEJ: Policy or AEJ: Applied with replication data they can use, but I didn't find a paper that exactly suits my purposes for diff-in-diff.

Any suggestions on papers that use diff-in-diff that have posted their data? Bonus points if the paper is on an education topic.

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The ReplicationWiki that I created http://replication.uni-goettingen.de/ gives information about empirical studies in the social sciences. It offers a database containing empirical research and shows where to find program codes and data, which methods were used and which software. One can search for keywords, authors or journals. It lists replications, corrections, and retractions; including information about the results of replications. More than 3,200 studies are already covered, including 489 replications.
For your case it identifies a 2008 AER paper on Restructuring Research: Communication Costs and the Democratization of University Innovation that has data and code and is on education: http://replication.uni-goettingen.de/wiki/index.php?title=Special%3AAsk&q=%5B%5BCategory%3AReplication%5D%5D%5B%5BArticle+methods+and+estimation%3A%3A%7E*DID*%5D%5D&po=%3FArticle+journal%0D%0A%3FArticle+year%0D%0A%3FArticle+data%0D%0A%3FArticle+program+code%0D%0A%3FArticle+data+used%0D%0A%3FArticlejel%0D%0A%3FArticlekeywords%0D%0A%3FArticle+software+used%0D%0A%3FArticle+methods+and+estimation%0D%0A%3FArticle+data+used%0D%0A%3FArticle+origin+of+data+used%0D%0A%3FReplication+type%0D%0A%3FReplication+result%0D%0A%3FReplication+raw+data%0D%0A%3FReplication+call+into+question%0D%0A%3FReplication+authors+statement%0D%0A&eq=yes&p%5Bformat%5D=broadtable&sort_num=&order_num=ASC&p%5Blimit%5D=500&p%5Boffset%5D=&p%5Blink%5D=all&p%5Bsort%5D=&p%5Bheaders%5D=show&p%5Bmainlabel%5D=&p%5Bintro%5D=&p%5Boutro%5D=&p%5Bsearchlabel%5D=%E2%80%A6+further+results&p%5Bdefault%5D=&p%5Bclass%5D=sortable+wikitable+smwtable&eq=yes
You can play with the parameters to find much more. It is indicated for 74 studies that difference-in-difference was used. Please let me know if this helps you.
Since it's a wiki, every researcher can contribute. Please register, even if just to show your support. Better even if you add your students' results! And please vote for studies that you think should be replicated.
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This is very helpful. Thank you!