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Request for Nominations of Candidates for EPA's Science Advisory Board Economic Guidelines Review Panel

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Science Advisory Board (SAB) Staff Office invites nominations of environmental economists to be considered for appointment to the SAB's Economic Guidelines Review Panel.

Request For Nominations: The SAB Staff Office is seeking nominations of environmental economists with extensive experience and expertise estimating benefits and/or costs of environmental outcomes, conducting and/or evaluating benefit cost analyses, and assessing distributional effects, including economic impacts of environmental regulation. Peer reviewed economics journal publications within the last ten years focused on cost estimation, benefits valuation, evaluation of benefit cost analyses or economic impact analyses is highly desirable.

The SAB Economic Guidelines Review Panel will be an ad hoc panel of the SAB that provides advice through the chartered SAB. It will be charged with reviewing revised chapters of the Guidelines for Preparing Economic Analyses by EPA's National Center for Environmental Economics (NCEE). The EPA relies on the Guidelines for Preparing Economic Analyses when evaluating the economic consequences of its regulations and policies and it is critical that the Guidelines reflect the most current, peer-reviewed and established practices in the economics profession. The NCEE has been working to improve the Guidelines by updating and revising selected chapters as appropriate. While most chapters will be revised, NCEE anticipates more substantive changes in chapters addressing the following topics: baselines and other analytic design considerations, discounting future benefits and costs, analyzing benefits (including health, ecosystem services valuation and benefit transfer), analyzing costs, economic impact analysis (including employment effects), distributional effects (including environmental justice).

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