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My notes for the course were prototype textbook chapters, 5-15 pages of prose for each lecture, including diagrams and other visual aids.  I taught the course, entitled "Wealth, Poverty, and Social Justice" over the past four years at St. Mary's College of California, and also taught an abbreviated version to an adult education class.  I am retired and would love to find a collaborator or collaborators.  I am happy to share samples of the notes and slides -- my key goal is just to have them more widely disseminated.   Any ideas about best way to do that, other than a text, would be appreciated, also.

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I am a post graduate student of Economics.
I would like to collaborate on this project.
Let me know the details if the offer is still open.

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Hi Vaagisha,
Yes, the offer is still open.  I would like to discuss with you, to understand your interest.  Could you email me at jgru12000@yahoo.com so we could share information.
Thanks, John