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In the FY2020 Census Bureau budget request released yesterday, Census proposes a $10.2M cut in funding for the Survey on Income and Program Participation (SIPP), which would eliminate state and demographic group data tables and program reports.

"Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) (-$10,163, -73 FTE/-73 Positions) - In FY 2020, the Census Bureau will continue SIPP data collection for a sample of approximately 31,900 households. This sample size will produce statistically sound information at the national level, but it limits the ability to provide statistically reliable estimates for some programs and small demographic groups."

More specifically, the change would be from producing "Statistically reliable data at national level and for some states and small population groups, and include some analytic reports" to "Statistically reliable data at national level only."

At the same time, the budget request also notes "In FY 2020, this survey will provide a broader context for analysis by adding questions on a variety of topics not covered in the core section, such as childcare, wealth, program eligibility, child support, utilization and cost of health care, disability, school enrollment, taxes, and annual income."

If the proposed cut in SIPP tables is of interest, please feel free to contact AEA Committee on Economic Statistics staff -- Kitty Smith Evans, AEA Govt Liaison kitty.s.evans@aeapubs.org and Andrew Reamer areamer@gwu.edu.

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