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In most research papers, people say a lot more than what actually is the research.
It is best to have short notes that attract immediate attention and responses as well.
This is a good way to promote interest in economics and research.

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I think this role is already being fulfilled by various things:
Many journals will indeed publish short notes.
Various personal blogs of economists.
Journal of Economic Literature [https://www.aeaweb.org/journals/jel] serves this role to some degree as well as a few other journals.
Econ Journal Watch [https://econjwatch.org/]

If you have or start your own blog, post in the comments below. I will gladly give it a read.
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Publication in a peer reviewed journal guarantees readership and gives some sign that respected members of the academic community approve of the content. A random blog cannot compete. Nor can the usually lowly ranked journals that accept short notes. Few short papers will attract enough attention to get mentioned int the Journal of Economic Literature. I tend to agree that it would help to have more short papers in respected journals. That would also help to speed up the reviewing process. For many of the long papers in the top journals you can find earlier versions from 5/6/7 years ago. This is too slow.