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I just finished the market, and am fortunate enough to be start a tenure track position in a prestigious institution with high bar for tenure. As I understand it, the tenure process requires letters of recommendations from a group of seniors.
During my phd, one of the best things for me was to be able to ask questions freely - my advisors and my peers.
Who is it safe to turn to now and sound stupid? Meaning, with who can I leave bad impressions as to my intellect but get valuable feedback? My peer APs, the senior professors in my new university, old advisors, phd cohort friends?
I am not too worried, I 'll figure it out and I know each has their own pros and cons. I am asking this here because I am wondering what people actually do/did and learned.

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I have always found PhD friends who are in similar positions to be most honest and useful sources of advice. By combining the incomplete information both you have of your current situations, you can often figure things out you wouldn't have been able to otherwise. (And they are more likely to understand/sympathize with your troubles since they are in the same situation at the same time.) Good luck!