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I'm trying to interest my college-aged nephew in economics as a career; aside from recommending he listen to podcasts from Freakonomics and Malcolm Gladwell, what authors would you recommend?
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When people ask me to recommend just one book on economics they should read, I suggest "Reinventing the Bazaar" by John McMillan (WW Norton, 2002). Reactions have been very positive. I have not tried it on college-age students, but it may also work for them.

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Planet money is a great podcast that gets into a wider variety of econ topics than Freakonomics or Gladwell.  It's also hosted by essentially peer aged folk which well help him connect to the topics more as well.

The Weeds might be ok too, even though I find a lot of their debates so predetermined, that it doesn't really get into the weeds as much as you think it would.  Planet money I think is more balanced and does a better job of describing a wider variety of topics in a way that's pretty accessible.
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Proclaim as a (junior) elder that both promote and provide are terms used in reference to the general welfare but not the common defense.

Thus; any public policies promoting and providing for the general welfare should have a fiscal multiplier of Two (2) or more.