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 The AEAweb provides information on funding for economists and the opportunity for organizations, institutions, and agencies to post information on grants available for economic research.

News on recent funding developments of particular interest to economists will appear on this page.

Funding Opportunities

  COS Funding Opportunities Database
  Grant Select
  IRIS(Illinois Researcher Information Service)
  ResearchResearch Lite

Funding News

  COS Funding News
  COSSA Washington Update
  Philanthropy News Digest (The Foundation Center)

General Information Federal Grants Portal
  Indiana Univ. GradGrants Center: Links to Grant Information Sources
  Proposal Writing: Short Course
  The Foundation Center: Grantmaker Info

Economics Specific

  Economics Education and Research Consortium
  Economics Jobs and Funding (from Useful Resources For Economists)
  ESRC Funding Opportunities
  GrantsNet (Department of Health and Human Services)
  The Center for Poverty Research at UC Davis 2012-13 Small Grants Competition
  The Mark Blaug Prize in Philosophy and Economics

Grant Opportunities

  ABE Fellowship
  AEA Minority Scholarship Program
  AERC Fifth Annual Global Development Awards Competition
  African Economic Research Consortium
  American Insitute for Economic Research (AIER) Fellowships
  Canada-U.S. Fulbright Program Grants
  Carolyn Shaw Bell Award (CSWEP)
  CGP Intellectual Exchange Grant Programs
  CGP Regional/Grassroots Grant Programs
  Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Economic Policy Fellowship Program
  E-Team Course and Program Development Grants (NCIIA)
  Elaine Bennett Research Prize (CSWEP)
  Enterprise Performance in Asia (EPA) research grants
  Entrepreneurship Awareness and Education Grant (Coleman Foundation)
  Faculty Enrichment Program (Canadian Studies)
  Fidelity Research Institute Establishes $50,000 Research Award
  Fulbright Scholar Opportunities in Economics
  Geneva Association - Risk and Insurance Economics
  Graduate Student Fellowship Program (Canadian Studies)
  IDB Prize in Islamic Economics
  International Dissertation Field Research Fellowship (IDRF)
  International Insurance Economics Research Grant
  IREX Programs and Grant Opportunities
  Jennings Randolph Fellowship Program
  Lake Champlain Basin Program (LCBP) Grants
  MacArthur Foundation: Program on Global Security and Sustainability
  New Voices
  Nonprofit Sector Research Fund
  Nonprofit Sector Research Fund (NSRF)
  NPO Fellowship
  Poverty and Economic Policy (PEP) Research Network
  Radcliffe Institute Fellowship Program
  Research Grant Program (Canadian Studies)
  Russell Sage Foundation Small Grants Program in Behavioral Economics
  SBE Economics Program
  Science of Philanthropy Initiative
  Sloan Foundation Programs: Standard of Living and Economic Performance
  Sloan Industry Study Fellowships
  Spencer Dissertation Fellowships
  The Benjamin H. Stevens Graduate Fellowship In Regional Science
  The Eurasia Foundation Grant Programs
  TIAA-CREF Paul A. Samuelson Award (scholarly writing on lifelong financial security)
  Tobacco Control Policy Fellowship
  TRAction RFA: iCCM Cost and Financing Analysis and Model Development
  USIP Solicited Grant: The Economics of War and Peace
  W. T. Grant Scholars Program
  WLS Pilot Grant Program
  Work and Family Researchers Network (WFRN) Early Career Scholars Program
  WWICS Fellowships

Private Foundations

  Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
  CarEth Foundation
  Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
  Haynes Foundation
  John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
  Russell Sage Foundation
  The Century Foundation
  William H. Donner Foundation, Inc.
  William T. Grant Foundation

To post a funding opportunity, send the URL and a brief description to notify "at"

Search large government sites for funding information:

Track federal legislation on the Library of Congress [Link to THOMAS Home Page] Databases, which cover Legislation, Congressional Record, and Committee Information.

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In the News:

University of Chicago economics professor, Matthew Gentzkow, who is the AEA's 2014 John Bates Clark Medal recipient, discusses the future of economics, the state of the media ecosphere, and virtues of "data hustle" in this interview from Quartz.

A recent article in The Economist examines higher education endowments and university behaviors including new research presented in a paper from the latest edition of the American Economic Review.

"For economists, the tradition of keeping mum—at least as a national organization—is long and proud. 'The association as such will take no partisan attitude, nor will it commit its members to any position on practical economic questions,' the economic association states on its website. Those policies, says its president, William D. Nordhaus, a professor at Yale University, by email, 'have served it well through hot and cold wars.'"

"Not only do economists vary widely in their opinions of economic policy, he notes, but many have participated in helping shape such policies. Putting forth statements on political issues would be 'unnecessary, polarizing, controversy-stoking, and a distraction from the real and important work of economic research and education,' he says. (Mr. Nordhaus was, of course, speaking for himself and not the association.)"

Read the whole story in the The Chronicle of Higher Education (subscribers only).

From ASSA 2014: The Wall Street Journal reports on the AEA's CSWEP committee's efforts in mentoring early-career female economists and the program's expanding influence on similar programs being developed overseas. Read the full article here.

The Chronicle of Higher Education just published "Cool Head on Global Warming," an in-depth look at the new book by 2014 AEA President, William Nordhaus entitled, "The Climate Casino: Risk, Uncertainty and Economics for a Warming World" (Yale University Press).

The Atlantic Cities provides a thorough examination of Clifford Winston's (Brooking Institution) research, "On The Performance of the U.S. Transportation System: Caution Ahead," from the latest edition of the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL).

Upcoming research by Yang Wang, a health economist at Lafayette College, indicates that some smokers believe age, race, and parental longevity influence their life expectancy more than smoking does. Access the news brief here, or the forthcoming article from the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

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