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The AEA’s press kit includes facts sheets, highlights, and detailed information about the Association’s history, and information about the Annual Meeting.

Press Releases

September 23, 2013 Economic Research Probes Smoker Decision-Making
April 12, 2013 AEA Announces 2013 Awards Recipients
March 25, 2013 Beating the Odds: Economists Unravel Reasons for Low Rates of Predictive Testing for Huntington's Disease
June 21, 2012 Importance of the American Community Survey for Economic Analysis
January 5, 2012 AEA Adopts Extensions to Principles for Author Disclosure of Conflict of Interest
November 23, 2011 The Case for a Progressive Tax: From Basic Research to Policy Recommendations
November 1, 2011 Study Identifies Industries Responsible for Air Pollution Damage
April 15, 2011 AEA Announces 2011 Awards Recipients
February 8, 2011 AEA Publishes Centenary Issue of the AER
January 6, 2011 2011 Annual Meeting: Letter from the President
November 23, 2010 Online Journal Access for Subscribers
February 2009 AEA announces the publication of four new economics journals


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In the News:

A recent article in The Economist examines higher education endowments and university behaviors including new research presented in a paper from the latest edition of the American Economic Review.

"Pulling forth statements on political issues is a distraction from the real and important work of economic research and education," explains AEA President Nordhaus, when asked about the AEA's historically non-partisan stand on public policy. Read the whole story in the latest issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education (subscribers only).

From ASSA 2014: The Wall Street Journal reports on the AEA's CSWEP committee's efforts in mentoring early-career female economists and the program's expanding influence on similar programs being developed overseas. Read the full article here.

"The job market could be picking up for economics grad students," reports Brenda Cronin in the Wall Street Journal. Get the inside story on what her sources are saying before you head to ASSA in January!

The Chronicle of Higher Education just published "Cool Head on Global Warming," an in-depth look at the new book by 2014 AEA President, William Nordhaus entitled, "The Climate Casino: Risk, Uncertainty and Economics for a Warming World" (Yale University Press).

The Atlantic Cities provides a thorough examination of Clifford Winston's (Brooking Institution) research, "On The Performance of the U.S. Transportation System: Caution Ahead," from the latest edition of the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL).

Upcoming research by Yang Wang, a health economist at Lafayette College, indicates that some smokers believe age, race, and parental longevity influence their life expectancy more than smoking does. Access the news brief here, or the forthcoming article from the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

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