German Institute for Economic Research (DIW)

"The Institute was established in 1925 to serve the general public interest by observing and researching economic developments both in Germany and abroad. It assists governmental, administrative and industrial decision-making through empirical studies and policy analysis. This involves research into a wider range of economic issues, forecasting of short-term economic developments, and evaluation of long-term economic processes, such as German reunification, European integration and Germany's growing involvement in the world economy." At this site you can read about the Institute, read recent issues of their Economic Bulletin, abstracts of the papers published in the Institutes Quarterly Journal of Economic Research, and selected research findings. You can also find out about the German Socio-Economic Panel (GSOEP), a longitudinal study of Germans with about a sample of about 5,000 households (the data is available, subject to some restrictions on usage due to privacy laws). There is also information on the Cooperation Bureau for Economic Research on Eastern Europe, which is housed at the Institute.