Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)

"We are the only European economics research network, established in 1983. Our network comprises over 500 Research Fellows and Affiliates, based in over 210 institutions in over 25 countries." Research is generally policy-oriented; they say "Our research ranges from global financial crises to international trade policy, from the economic transformation of Central and Eastern Europe to European competition policy." They are also leaders in European integration research.

Besides very extensive information on itself, they offer a wealth of material -- currently over 250 megabytes. This includes their publications, which includes their "Bulletin" from 1983 (which is searchable) and the bi-monthly "European Economic Perspectives" since 1993 (the current issues are available as well). Abstracts of all their "Discussion Papers" (more than 3,000 since 1983) are also available, and the full text is available from publications since 1999. Like all their publications, their databases can be searched. There is also extensive information on their meetings where they present their research to non-specialists -- this is an important part of their mission; there were some 20 in 2001 in countries around the world. There is also information on their conferences and workshops (71 in 2001). One can listen to interviews with authors of their Reports and Discussion papers, and each week AvantGo lists updates to their publications and meetings for those with handheld computers.