Centre d'etudes Prospectives et d'Informations Internationales (CEPII)

This Centre was founded by Prime Minister Raymond Barre in 1978 as the main international economics research center of France, with research focusing on macroeconomic analyses of forecasts, monetary and financial matters, international trade, and transition and emerging countries. The site's publication section provides information on the Centre's two newsletters (a monthly French version and a bi-annually English version), working papers (some of which are available in English), the quarterly journal "Economie internationale," the "CEPII Economica" book series, and annual reports. Also available on this site is information about the Centre's Board; Staff; meetings; the CIREM club; and information about the CHELEM (Harmonized Accounts on Trade and the World Economy) database, which provides long-term annual data that covers trade and basic national accounts data for most of the world.

Info bagher@cepii.fr