Global Development Network (GDN)

This new organization works "to support and link research and policy institutes involved in the field of development" and it works on "two fronts: knowledge generation and knowledge sharing." The former is supported by research grants in the area, work on improving data, and their "Global Research Project," which has four focus areas: "macro-growth, political economy, private agents, and markets as institutions in the growth process." To promote knowledge sharing, they offer training, which includes scholarships for those in their mid-career, and fellowships. They also wish to bridge the gap between ideas and their implementation, and to assist the promotion of research in this area. On the latter, they offer substantial awards.

Their "Data Query" is an interface into the World Bank's Global Development Finance (GDF) & World Development Indicators (WDI) databases. It "includes over 800 time series indicators for 206 countries and 17 groups, spanning 1960 to the latest year available."

The GDN is financed by the World Bank, the UNDP, and various countries.