ESRC Macroeconomic Modelling Bureau (U.K.)

This organization studies a number of macro models of the U.K. economy. To quote, "The main purpose of the Bureau is to improve the accessibility of macroeconomic models of the UK economy, to promote general understanding of the properties of these models, and to undertake its own comparative and methodological research. The current portfolio comprises six models, two of which are "official" models (those of the Bank of England and HM Treasury); the other four are constructed and maintained by independent groups (London Business School, National Institute of Economic and Social Research, Oxford Economic Forecasting and Strathclyde University). All of these are implemented on the University's mainframe computer.

Currently, one can learn about the organization, read recent newsletters, and watch a demonstration of PC-Ready Reckoner, a PC program which summarizes three of their models. It should be quite useful as a teaching aid.