Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

This site contains extensive statistical information on the U.S. banking system of interest to economists and bankers, as well as more general information on the FDIC and the banking system, some of which will be of interest to the general public. There are also press releases and speeches, as well as background information on the FDIC.


The "Data Bank" includes the "FDIC Institution Directory System," which "provides the latest comprehensive financial profile for every FDIC-insured institution." A new feature to the FDIC Institution Directory is the Statistics on Depository Institutions. This advanced feature allows one to obtain detailed financial reports with more "functional power to analyze the financial institutions industry." The FDIC/OTS "Summary of Deposits" provides "detailed information on over 82,000 branches of FDIC-insured institutions. Individual office data can be obtained for each institution or for each state and county. Aggregate data are available at the state and county level and for metropolitan areas." Other data sets include "FDIC Institutions," "Statistics on Banking," "Historical Statistics on Banking," and the "Survey of Real Estate Trends."