FRB of Boston

This Federal Reserve Bank offers information about itself, material for education and public service (including frequently asked questions of their research library), and information on financial services for consumers (including Treasury Direct). For regional data, for this, the 1st Federal Reserve District, they offer extensive links to information on their region's states, as well as a link to the "New England Electronic Economic Data Center" (NEEEDc), which is run by Jim Breece of the University of Maine. The data is published in the "New England Economic Indicators" and the "New England Banking Trends." It has some 90 variables from 1969 for all states and some metropolitan areas and GSP data for the New England area from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Finally, you can read their publications "New England Economic Review," "New England Economic Indicators," "Regional Review," "Fiscal Facts," "New England Banking Trends," "Bank Notes," "FedFlash," and "Fedtalk." Conference proceedings, research reports, press releases, and working papers from the bank's staff are on-line as well.