Transition in Eastern Europe & former Soviet Union (east-west-research)

Summary: "East-West-Research is an e-mail discussion list set up under the auspices of the ESRC's East West Programme. It is open to both participants in the East-West Programme and other researchers and academics with interests in the fields covered by that Programme, which is to say social, economic, and political aspects of the transformations currently taking place in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The aim of the list is to act as: a clearing house for information on the research currently underway, a 'dating agency' for possible research collaboration, a sounding board for the pre-publication of research findings, and a general forum for the discussion of research problems and research related issues. The intention is that it should be a medium for serious academic discussion and the interchange of information relevant to academic research. Web Site: Type: JISCmail To Subscribe: Mail to: Command: join east-west-research To Unsubscribe: Mail to: Command: leave east-west-research List Address: Help: Mail to: Command: help Digest: Mail to: Command: set east-west-research digest Archive Site: