Research in Economic History (eh.res)

Summary: "'Economic History Research' is the main list for requests for information and serious discussions directly related to research in the subject of economic history. It provides a forum for subscribers to ask and answer questions on particular research topics, as well as for more general discussion and evaluation of recent research in economic history. In addition to subscriber initiated topics the list will also regularly host discussions with leading researchers on the state of knowledge in various lines of research in economic history, the application of research findings from economic history to issues of contemporary concern, and the relationship between research in economic history and related fields of study. Subscribers to the list will receive copies of all Eh.Net sponsored book reviews. Membership in the list is open to all persons with a scholarly interest in the topics to be discussed on the list. Contributions to the list will be edited to ensure their relevance to the topics of discussion. Web Site: Type: Mailman To Subscribe: Mail to: Command: To Unsubscribe: Mail to: Command: List Address: Help: Mail to: Command: Digest: Mail to: Command: Archive Site: