Issues in Teaching Economic History (EH.Teach)

Summary: This list is for all those who would like to discuss and exchange information on issues related to teaching of economic history at all levels of instruction. It provides subscribers the opportunity to discuss aspects of their teaching they are trying to improve and develop, to find suggestions for texts and readings for courses, to exchange ideas about assignments and methods in courses that have been successful, to add to the existing collection of syllabi, and to survey members about the current state of the discipline on a particular economic history topic they are preparing for course presentation. It is part of a group of lists in the field operated by EH.Net, and is affiliated with the H-Net group of history lists. Web Site: Type: Mailman To Subscribe: Mail to: Command: To Unsubscribe: Mail to: Command: List Address: Help: Mail to: Command: Digest: Mail to: Command: Archive Site: