Economic History of the Eastern Bloc (EH.Eastbloc)

Summary: "'Economic History of the Eastern Bloc Countries' is a list for all who are interested in research on this topic. The subject is not only the economic and social history of particular countries, but also the comparison of different countries. The period of interest is concentrated from 1945 to 1989/90. The list provides a forum for subscribers to discuss issues in the field, ask questions and request help from one another, announce upcoming conferences, send out calls for papers, and generally share their interest in, knowledge of, and questions about economic history of the Eastern Bloc countries. It is part of a group of lists in the field operated by EH.Net. Web Site: Type: Mailman To Subscribe: Mail to: Command: To Unsubscribe: Mail to: Command: List Address: Help: Mail to: Command: Digest: Mail to: Command: Archive Site: