Economics and Human Biology (EHB)

Summary: "Economics & Human Biology is an interdisciplinary list for discussion, announcements, notices, and any material of general interest related to research on the subject. It provides a forum for subscribers to ask and answer questions on particular research topics, as well as for more general discussion and evaluation of recent research. It also accepts postings such as calls for papers, recent publications, copies of meeting programs, seminar schedules, job openings, contents of forthcoming journals, requests for discussants. Economics & Human Biology is understood to include the exploration of the effect of socio-economic processes on human beings as biological organisms without temporal or geographic limitations. The disciplines include: auxology, anthropometric history, anthropometry, biological anthropology, demography, development economics, epidemiology, health economics, human biology, human nutrition, health sciences, medicine, physical anthropology, public health, and sociology. Membership in the list is open to persons with a scholarly interest in the above topics. Contributions to the list will be edited to ensure their relevance to the topics of discussion." Web Site: Type: Mailman To Subscribe: Mail to: Command: To Unsubscribe: Mail to: Command: List Address: Help: Mail to: Command: Digest: Mail to: Command: Archive Site: