The Inforum project does research and forecasting with inter-industry macroeconomic models, of the U.S. and 13 other countries. Inforum is based at the University of Maryland, and directed by Clopper Almon. The model of the U.S., called LIFT, models the production, employment and price outlook for each of 97 industries, and its forecasts of nearly a thousand macroeconomic variables result from aggregating the industry level data. The international models are constructed using the same macroeconomic interindustry framework as the U.S. model. LIFT and the 13 models are linked through prices and bilateral trade flows in a Bilateral Trade Model. Inforum's clients include many government agencies, trade associations, and private companies, including other forecasting firms. Special focuses have included defense economics, health economics, long-term modeling and energy and environmental modeling.

Inforum also offers the free G7 regression and modeling software for Windows. Several datasets are available for use with G7 on EconData . Both G7 and EconData are described elsewhere in RFE.

The Inforum site also contains descriptions of several consulting projects as well as working papers by staff, international partners and graduate students