Canadian Industry Statistics

This site provides details of various aspects of Canadian economic activity, emphasizing economics, employment, international trade, investment, public equity financing, growth indices, and other business-related information. The Canadian Industry Statistics site is comprised of 5 main components: The CIS Classic, Public Equity Financing, Growth Trends, Industry Overview, and other World Wide Links. The CIS Classic offers data on 230 Canadian manufacturing industries, focusing on variables such as wages and salaries, number of employees, operational costs, manufacturing shipments, imports, exports, and performance by establishment size. It is also possible to make comparisons across Canadian national averages in various statistics for each manufacturing industry. This information is available for downloading in WordPerfect format. The Industry Overview serves as a complementary function to CIS Classic by providing an analysis of Canadian industry trends in production, investment, research and development, employment, and trade. The section also provides comparative analyses of Canadian and U.S. industries.