This site, run by William R. Parke of UNC Chapel Hill, lets students and others run simulations of standard micro and macro models. To run the simulations, you must first download a Windows program. Currently, all models have a free 10-day trial period. Below is a list of the available models. As one can see, they cover a fair amount of undergraduate theory.

  • Supply and Demand
  • Who Pays a Sales Tax?
  • Cobweb Model
  • Perfect Competition
  • Monopoly
  • Price Discrimination
  • Demand for Labor
  • Two Goods - Two Prices
  • Labor Supply
  • Intertemporal Substitution
  • The Classical Model
  • Simple Keynesian Model
  • IS/LM Model
  • Mundell-Fleming Model
  • Real Business Cycles
  • IS/MP Model
  • Besides the above, the site also has interesting views of data, such as the yield curve from the 1950s to today and an animated Phillips Curve, as well as commentary on current issues.